Guest Post Submission Guidelines

I'm opening up my blog for guest posts in 2012! 

I'm going to be posting a guest post once a week, and I'd like for anyone who is interested in guest posting to let me know. I'm looking for posts that talk about your experience with the writing life - how you got started, what you write about, your writing habits, tips and tricks, etc.

It will need to:
  • Be 800 - 1200 words in length
  • Include two to five pertinent photos, such as a screen shot of your blog, cover shots of your books, or pictures of you in action as a writer
  • Include a short bio
  • Include a profile pic and links to your blog/Twitter/Facebook pages/publications

I'm accepting submissions via email at

Please reference "Blog Post Submission" in the subject line.

The guest post day on my blog will be Wednesdays. I am scheduling them as they come in, and others are requesting months and dates. If you would like your post date to coincide with something, like release dates for books or other projects, let me know and I'll be happy to accommodate you if the date is still available.

Please note that I cannot schedule you for a specific date unless I have received your completed submission.